NewView is a boutique Executive Recruiting firm committed to provide the best experience and exposure for your needs.  We will give you a NewView to your career by assisting you to find the next opportunity and/or build the best team possible in order to achieve and surpass your career goals.
NewView is built upon individuals with long-term experience working in the high technology industry.  The NewView team has experienced consistent success from start-up’s to post-public organizations.  We will show you a NewView in approach and perspective in finding your next opportunity or in building out your team.

We have done your job and managed your job.  We have sat in your chair at the crack of dawn and late into the evening.  We have helped to raise over $100,000,000 in funding, operated in start-ups, lived through multiple IPO’s, acquisitions, and layoffs.  We have presented to Board of Directors and been held accountable to shareholders. We understand your challenges, your goals, the pressure you are under and what is at stake.  

We transitioned from being on your side of the business to recruiting in order to offer a NewView to you when looking for the next right job and/or building and optimizing your team.  We will deliver a quality experience while helping you to accomplish your goals and meet your career objectives - so you can have more time for the rest of your life; this is our NewView we would like to share with you.  

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